Sex Stories: The Black Dagger Brotherhood

June 10, 2008

J.R. Ward, a lawyer turned erotic tale spinner (okay, romance, but it’s paranormal and erotic), has created a series that is popular and different, and she stays down to earth and honest about her accomplishments.

When asked during this interview about how she had the confidence to write her first novel, J.R. was blunt that the artist always has a nagging self doubt:

” It wasn’t confidence at all. It was compulsion. It’s never been about confidence for me. Every day, I sit down and I’m like, “Is this going to be good enough? Am I going to be able to take this scene far enough? Is the line-by-line writing correct? Did I get the images sharp enough? Does the dialogue fly?” Certainly, I have more confidence than I used to because the books have been very well received, for which I’m very grateful, but it’s a compulsion. I’ve got to do it. I’ve got to get these stories out of my head. I have to figure out where they go. I have to be with these characters.”


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